A very pretty experiment in which three selected cards are placed in different parts of a book. The book is closed, yet on command they arise one at a time.


About 5 x 7-1/2 inches is a nice size. Preferably an old book.

This should be large enough to hold 9 cards easily. Bottom edge is closed. Top edge is open. You can have a tinner make this for a nominal sum. In emergency use card board. Figure 18.

4 -- Fine black silk thread.


Near the front part of the book cut out enough space to fit tight around the tin card case. Figure 19.

Glue the tin case into the hole cut out for it. Then glue one page down over each side of the case. Figure 20, next page.

The book may now be shown freely with opening of case away from audience. The pages may also be run through except for the prepared part and the audience will not suspect anything.

Thread three cards which you are going to force between four indifferent cards. In this effect, we shall take the Ace of Spades, the Two of Hearts, and the Nine of Diamonds. Place the threaded cards in the case with thread hanging over top edge of book. Now attach end of thread to back of table as described previously.

Place book on table, prepared edge away from audience.

Take other deck of cards and place the Ace of Spades, the Two of Hearts, and the Nine of Diamonds on "Top" in readiness for FORCING.

To Perform:

Pick up book from table.

"Sometime ago in looking over the books in a second hand store, my attention was called to this one. I picked it up, and as I did so, I noticed a peculiar action on the part of the bookmarks. The bookmarks, strange to say, were playing cards, and they acted queerly. Being a conjurer, I naturally became attracted to the peculiarity of the happening. I purchased the book and brought it home with me. On close examination I discovered some odd facts about it. I have often wondered about the former owner. I am curious to know whether he was a conjurer or interested somehow in mysticism. I have never discovered the real secret of this peculiar book, but I have learned some of its peculiarities. For instance, let me show you something about its bookmarks. This deck of cards will answer the purpose nicely."

Place book on table and pick up cards. Perform the PASS, thus bringing the desired cards to the center for FORCING.

"Will you, sir, be kind enough to select any one of these cards for the experiment?"

Force card on this spectator, then continue with two other spectators, forcing the two remaining cards.

Collect the three cards and show them to audience. calling them by name. Hold them up high so that they are in full view as you place remainder of deck on table.

Pick up book again.

"I shall let these cards represent bookmarks."

Run carelessly through loose pages of book. Open book wide in one place.

"In this place, I shall put the Ace of Spades."

Run through a few more pages and place the Six of Hearts in another place in the book. Show audience that you actually put the card inside of the book. Figure 21.

"Here I shall place the Six of Hearts."

Put the remaining selected card in a third place in the book.

"And in still another place I shall put the Nine of Diamonds."

Close the book and show it on both sides, being careful to keep top end away from audience. Hold book in left hand as in Figure 22.

"Now suppose that I want to turn quickly to the place where the Ace of Spades was placed. I have but to give the Ace a thought and out it comes to tell me of its location."

As you say this, pull the thread taut and the Ace in the tin case arises.

"All I would have to do is to open the book here and find my place. Or suppose I want to find the place where the Six of Hearts is located. I have but to think of the Six of Hearts, and it immediately presents itself and remains here until I remove it or reach in to open the book at the desired pages."

Move book so that the Six of Hearts will rise. Then remove the card. Figure 23.

"And now there remains the Nine of Diamonds. An odd card that. It so happens that if you use a nine spot for a bookmark, you must knock on the book three times before it will appear. I learned this secret by accident. The nine would not arise, so I struck the book, and luckily I struck it three times."

Strike book three times with knuckles of right hand.

Pull thread taut again, and the nine arises.

"And thus the Nine arises to tell of its location."

Remove card.

"Perhaps you can explain it. I cannot. These bookmarks are as puzzling to me now as they were the first time I performed the experiment."

Lay book and cards aside.

This impromptu Rising Card Effect can be done anywhere at a moment's notice. It is surprising and puzzling in its effect.

A card is dropped inside of a book. Magician shows the book on both sides and his empty hands to the audience. Suddenly the card rises up in a bewildering fashion from the book.

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