Two, three, or four soup bowls are on the table, tops down. Performer casually turns two of them up, looks inside, and replaces them on table. He then rolls a piece of tissue paper into an inch-size ball and places this on table over to right. Picking up a bowl in each hand, he places left-hand bowl down on table to left and covers ball of paper with right-hand bowl. He says that he will cause the ball to jump over to the opposite bowl, but on lifting the bowls, it is seen that ball is still in the same place. Magician then places right-hand bowl aside. Saying that he will make the ball jump, he picks it up with his right hand and places it under the left-hand bowl. In a moment left-hand bowl is lifted, and the ball has mysteriously changed into an egg. Egg is then covered with bowl and uncovered again, only to have changed into a frog. Explaining that the egg did not hatch right, magician covers the frog and when he uncovers it, out comes a baby chicken in its place.

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