Open the top of box carefully and remove contents. Carefully cut out the bottom. Take two pieces of cardboard which will fit into box horizontally, overlapping about a quarter of an inch. Place these several inches up from bottom of box. Hinge each flap to box by gluing a piece of cloth to the box right above flap and then to flap itself. Cloth makes a flexible hinge and allows flaps to hang down when box is empty. Have flap A above flap B. Cut about an inch slit in flap A at point indicated on diagram. In back of box proper cut out a keyhole shape, Figure 61.

With a needle and stout linen thread or piece of string, sew through edge of flap B at point where there is slit in flap A. Bring thread up through this slit and then out through small part of keyhole. Have thread just tight enough to hold flaps up across box and attach a button to thread just outside of keyhole to hold thread. Leave a loop of thread and attach end to box proper, Figure 62.

Raise the button and it slips through larger part of keyhole to inside of box. This causes the two flaps to fall downward. Thus when button is set and anything is placed in box, it is held securely. But if button is released, flaps fall downward leaving bottom of box open and causing material in box to fall into whatever receptacle is below it, Figure 63.

About two inches down from top of box, place a piece of cardboard to fit across box and divide it into two compartments. Glue this piece in with pieces of cloth, Figure 64.

Now take your popped corn. Have it just plain with no butter, grease, or salt, which would spoil a hat.

Turn box upside down and fill it with popped corn. Fold down flaps against corn and pull button into position on outside of box to hold flaps in place. Turn box upright again.

Figure 65 shows arrangement of popcorn in box.

Place unpopped corn in top compartment of box. In performing never expose bottom of box or back of it.

From the front and top it looks like an ordinary box containing unpopped corn, Figure 66.

Have box on table with front of it facing audience. Have candle in candlestick nearby with box of matches handy. Have sheet of paper handy also.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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