Figures 46 and 47 show construction of top inside and outside. Join four triangular pieces of the wood with cross pieces to hold them. Place a round piece at the top to finish it.

The lantern may have a bottom which is hinged to one side so that it can be pushed upward into lantern. Bottom may be omitted, and if it is, legs of lantern should also be eliminated so that lantern can rest squarely on table, Figures 48 and 49.

Be sure to hinge sides of lantern so that it can be folded flat for packing. Figures 50 and 51.

2 -- A few Japanese lanterns which are made straight up and down. You can purchase these at a Japanese or novelty store. As the usual Japanese lantern has a wooden top and bottom, it is necessary to remove them and substitute a flat tin top and bottom, Fig. 52.

Have a tinsmith cut out circles of tin for you with holes punched about one-half to one inch apart so that lantern can be sewed to them, Figure 53.

Have a wire handle fixed on top of each lantern. Have this

hinged so that it will lie flat on lantern when not in use.

3 -- A half-dozen China silk handkerchiefs, from 27 inches to a yard square. Use a variety of colors.

4 -- A black silk handkerchief.

5 -- A roll of bright-colored paper ribbon. We can supply you with this ribbon, or you may buy it from almost any magical supply house.

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