On the stage is a neatly decorated oriental looking table upon which sets a handsomely decorated box, the lid of which opens at the top. On the front of the box is a door to open down, thus permitting a view into the interior of the box.

Nearby is a cage which contains a number of pigeons or ducks.

Performer shows a rectangular box with bars and opening in front and places same in the large box.

Performer opens front door of box so spectators can see interior. The bar effect gives a sort of a cage appearance.

Assistant hands performer the doves or ducks one at a time and they are placed in the barred compartment. Audience can plainly see each dove or duck in full view behind the bars.

Performer closes the lid of box when all the live stock has been placed in the compartment.

The performer then fires a pistol and all the birds automatically suddenly vanish while the eyes of the audience are concentrated on them. The disappearance is startling and instantaneous.

Performer now closes up the front door of the box and turns the table completely around showing all sides. The box is then entirely dissected and the parts stacked flat one on top of the other. Finally the table top is removed, shown both sides and lastly the table frame itself.

The birds are gone. PARAPHERNALIA:

1 — Thayer Super-Vanish Outfit which consists of Decorated Table Specially Constructed Box Barred Compartment for Doves or Ducks Cage for the Doves or Ducks.

2 — Animals that are to be "vanished" such as doves, ducks or rabbits.

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