Performer displays two silks, one a medium blue and the other green. He ties them together at the corners and placing the knot in his mouth, allows them to hang down in full view. He next takes a rainbow-tinted silk from his pocket and pushes it into his left hand. This silk is vanished by bringing his left hand down smartly on top of his head. Now a corner of the blue silk is grasped in the right hand and a corner of the green in the left hand and the silks are drawn slowly from the mouth. Great is the surprise of the audience to see the rainbow silk which had disappeared, tied securely between the blue and green silks. Magician now holds the silks in his left hand and as he strokes them with the right, a billiard ball suddenly appears in his right hand. Ball is placed in left hand and hand is again struck on top of head. Ball disappears, performer opens his mouth, and the ball is taken out.

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