Performer requests that two spectators assist him, one standing at his left and the other at his right. Man at right selects a card, remembers it, and returns it to deck. Cards are then shuffled. Performer says he will cause selected card to appear on top of pack. He shows card but it proves to be the wrong one. Magician then isolates this card in a glass tumbler. He gives spectator an empty envelope to examine and seal. Assistant at left is then given the deck of cards and spectator at right is asked to think of any number between one and twenty. Suppose he says — Twelve. Magician says if the card in the glass is not the selected card, then the twelfth card must be the one. Spectator counts down to twelve, but the card there is also an indifferent card. Glass is then turned around and selected card is found to be there instead of the indifferent one placed there. Envelope is torn open and the card that was placed in the glass is taken from the envelope.

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