Twelve cards are counted into the performer's left hand by a spectator and twelve cards are counted into his right hand also. Spectator then wraps the right-hand packet of cards in a handkerchief and holds it during performance of effect. The left-hand packet is given to another spectator to hold. Someone in audience is requested to call a number between one and five. Let us assume that number three is called. Performer now says he will cause three cards to pass from the spectator holding the twelve cards to the spectator holding the packet wrapped in the handkerchief. One card passes. Another card passes. Performer counts packet of cards and finds there are only ten. Magician now pretends to take a third card from packet and to hold its "spirit" in his hand. Spectator then counts the cards and finds there are only nine. Magician now pretends to put the "spirit" card back and then the packet is found to contain ten cards again. The invisible card is removed again and the packet contains nine cards. Performer tosses invisible card to packet in handkerchief. Three cards have now passed. Spectator takes packet from handkerchief and counts cards. He finds that he now holds fifteen cards instead of twelve.

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