Performer has a committee of two men come up from audience. They are asked to examine trunk carefully — to kick the sides, to hammer it, and see that it is just an ordinary trunk. Magician then asks one of the men to remove his coat and he puts the coat on himself. His hands are then tied behind him and he steps into a sack which is pulled up over his head and tied. Magician is now lifted into the trunk and the lid is closed down over him. The trunk is locked and strapped by the committee and placed in an enclosure on the stage.

The lady assistant now draws the two curtains which are in front of the enclosure in which the trunk was placed. She stands back of the curtains but keeps her head in view. She counts three and suddenly moves her head out of sight behind the curtains. At almost the same instant, performer's head appears. Performer opens curtains and has the committee bring the trunk forward. It is now unstrapped and unlocked by the committee and the lid is lifted. A figure in the sack stands up and the sack is opened, revealing the girl assistant. She is wearing the coat of one of the committee, which the performer put on originally, and has her hands tied behind her back. She is assisted from the trunk, her hands released, and the coat returned to the member of the committee.

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