Performer gets a boy and girl to assist him. He shows a small cloth bag to be absolutely empty and gives it to the boy to hold. He then shows a colored handkerchief, brings its four corners together and asks the girl to hold them. Magician now shows an egg and drops that into the handkerchief. The little assistants feel the egg to make sure it is there. However, when performer takes the handkerchief into his own hands, the egg suddenly vanishes. Next the egg is produced from the bag held by the boy. Magician replaces the egg in the bag and then mysteriously causes it to disappear from the bag. A suspicious movement toward his right trouser's pocket by the performer leads the audience to suspect that he dropped the egg in his pocket. The excitement has started and the performer must turn out all his pockets to satisfy the crowd that they are empty. And great is the bewilderment of the audience when the egg is now found in the bag again. Magician now gives an explanation of the effect, with the result that the audience knows less than ever. This explanation is merely a ruse so that experiment can be concluded in a most puzzling manner. Suddenly while performer holds the egg, he is surprised to find that he does not have it. The boy and girl deny that they have it. Magician pats the boy's coat and feels around for the egg. He reaches in suddenly and pulls out from the boy's coat a lady's stocking, then a pair of baby's stockings, and finally some baby clothes.

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