center of silk. Show red ball remaining in right hand, Figure 71. "Green."

Place silk with ball into glass tumbler at right. Form of ball can be seen through glass. Part of silk hangs out of glass so that it can be jerked away when time comes, Figure 72.

Pick up red silk and place over left hand. Place red shell and green ball into center of silk, turning them so that shell is on bottom and ball can be grasped through the silk in left hand.

As you say this, turn right side to audience. Remove right hand from silk with shell Finger Palmed. Grasp red silk as you did the green one before and place it with ball in second tumbler.

Point to right-hand glass.


Point to left-hand glass.

With right hand, grasp corner of green silk and jerk it suddenly from glass, causing red ball to whirl in the glass, Figure 73.

Grasp red silk with left hand and jerk it suddenly from glass to show green ball whirling there.


Dispose of shell in the silks. I have often disposed of shell by putting it in my right coat pocket at the moment I jerk first silk from the glass — in this case, using left hand for jerking away first silk.

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