Easy Method For Rabbit From Hat Production

This is a good method for producing rabbit concealed in black bag hung on back of chair on headless nail. To get rabbit into hat from this arrangement depends on MISDIRECTION, Figure 32.

Refer to Lesson 30 for method of loading silks into hat. Use this method for loading an object into hat, such as an Easter egg (a rubber, wooden, or celluloid egg, brightly colored). Bring this into hat and produce it by turning it out on to chair seat. You could also produce a few silks and turn them out on to chair.

As you reach down with left hand to pick up object or objects from chair seat, bring hat in right hand up against top of chair, Figure 33.

With right fingers grasp upper part of rabbit bag, slip it off nail, and lift it into hat. Raise hat to clear top of chair so that you can get bag in easily, Figure 34.

Look at articles picked up from chair, then replace them. Look into hat and discover something. Open bag quickly and bring rabbit out.

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