Distant Mental Communication

adapted to special occasion work. EFFECT:

Performer states that his assistant is at a nearby hotel or special room not far away. He says that if there is proper concentration at this end, his assistant can tell what is happening here even at this distance. Several objects freely chosen by spectators are then laid on table. Performer borrows some paper and writes down a list of the articles for checking up later. This is given to a spectator to hold. Another spectator is then requested to write a message to assistant, telling him what he is to do -- that is, to tell what objects were placed on the table. Performer is kept under observation while two spectators go to assistant and deliver their message to him. Assistant sends back a sealed message, which is then opened and shown to be a list of the articles placed on the table.


1 -- Three or four sheets of white paper, about 3x5 inches.

3 -- Lamp black -- can be purchased in powder form at a paint store. A handy way to carry it is in a salt shaker.

4 -- A powder puff or some cotton.


Take one of the pieces of paper and rub one side well with the wax or paraffin, making it a white carbon paper. Place this sheet with two others in your inner coat pocket.

To Perform:

Let us assume that you are performing in someone's office. Tell the spectators that you are about to show them an excellent demonstration of mental thought waves being transferred and picked up like the reception in a radio. You state that your assistant is at a hotel room some distance away. He or she must pick up the waves of what happens here, and to do so, he or she depends entirely on his ability to tune in mentally. Ask for some stationery and, at the same time, take the three sheets of paper from your pocket.

"Any paper will do — just something to write on. That's it, letter-heads or plain paper."

Place paper on desk, and on it, place your own three sheets. Be sure that waxed side of prepared paper is against upper sheet of borrowed paper.

"Let me request that each of you present help in this experiment, each one at a time. And I will keep track of what you do so as to check up later. First, one of you lay a coin on the desk, any kind and remember the date."

Spectator, let us say, lays a half-dollar on desk. You write on your paper as each object is laid down. The impression of what you write is, of course, left invisibly on the borrowed paper because of the waxed carbon above it.

"First, a half-dollar, date 1918. Now, take a piece of paper and write on it the name of any country, city, or town in the world."

Spectator writes on piece of paper and places it on table.

"That's fine. Portugal. Now, another write the name of any color."

Spectator does this.


Meanwhile you write down each thing as it is done, in list form.

"Anyone got a bunch of keys? That's it. Eight keys on the bunch. Name any number between one and five million. I'll keep track of it. 48, 952. I guess that will be enough for a test. I shall ask you, sir, to hold this list with which we can check up later. You can all pick up the articles now as we have a record of them."

Give sheet with list on it to one of spectators. Casually pick up your other two sheets of paper and put them aside or in pocket.

"Now, I want you to take a sheet of your own paper here and write a letter or note on it in your own words to my assistant, telling her that we have placed a number of things on the desk here and want her to get into mental communication with me so that she can name these things as we have listed them. Use your own language in the message. Then take the letter and seal it in one of your own envelopes. You may deliver it by messenger or take it there yourselves, as you like."

They will probably reach for the top sheet of paper on the desk, but you can aid them by pushing paper over to them so that they will be sure to use it.

After they have written letter and sealed it, give them directions as to where the letter is to be taken.

When letter is delivered to your assistant, she excuses herself for a few moments. In another room, she takes the lamp black and cotton or puff and develops the list on the letter. This method of developing was taught to you in Lesson 29. She then takes pencil and paper and writes out the list of things, making them into sentences rather than just a list. For instance, if you have listed — Eight keys -- as one article, your assistant should write: There were eight keys. She seals her list in an envelope.

When messenger returns with her message, it is checked up with list kept in office and found to coincide. NOTE:

This method may seem simple, but in its simplicity lies its power. You will find it a wonderful thing to help you establish a reputation. It also works as a mental experiment in your own home. Have one of your family in another room to assist you in accomplishing this wonderful feat of thought transference.

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