De Luxe Silk Production From

This is another silk production from a hat in which a large number of silks are used and then changed into a rabbit.


A derby hat is shown empty, but in a moment, the Magician reaches into the hat and brings out silk after silk.


1 -- A number of large silk handkerchiefs and perhaps a thin silk scarf or two. Use brilliant colors.

2 -- A derby hat. Other kinds of hats may be used, but a derby lends itself better to the manipulation.

SECRET: To Prepare:

This is worked with the Chinese Box. Prepare silks in a bundle as you did for the Silk Production from Hat described above. Take a piece of black thread and wrap it once around the bundle and tie. Leave about three inches at free end of thread. Tie this around a pin and insert pin in edge of brim of hat, Figure 27.

If threaded edge of hat is held at top, bundle falls down into inside crown of hat, Figure 28.

To Perform:

Show back of hat to audience with bundle concealed inside of crown as in Figure 28.

Bring hat down to box. Turn it as you do so to bring threaded brim below. Bundle will drop out of hat and will hang by thread from brim of hat. Inside of hat can then be shown to audience as empty. Hold hat low enough to conceal bundle inside of box, Figure 29.

Now turn hat forward and downward and let it rest across corner of box. Bundle is still inside of box suspended from rear brim of hat. Pull back sleeves a little, then pick up hat again from edge of brim marked A, see Figure 30.

Raise rear edge of hat but keep front edge on box until bundle has been brought up inside of hat and is concealed. Tip hat forward until opening is

upward. Reach in, unfasten silks, and produce them one at a time, laying them over a chair after you show them.

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