D The Individual Sentiment Combination

This is the highest stage of development. After a man has gone through the other three Sentiments and knows from experience the TRUTH about things and the way in which to handle them to the best advantage, he becomes a MASTER and can stand on his own individuality.

This Sentiment comes as a result of the intermingling of the other three Sentiments. It is the result of construction, force, and intelligence. It embraces the god of love, of power and of wisdom. In it are born culture, progress, worship, humanitarianism, love, unselfishness, rulership, and the highest faculties of man. It expresses maturity. Its unselfishness is important. It realizes the power of cooperation and of helping others. It has learned that only by helping one another can the members of the human race survive.

The Commercial Sentiment, being based on self-preservation, is naturally selfish. It thinks of self first -- it would rather receive than give. The Individual Sentiment gets its greatest pleasure in giving -- its happiness is in making others happy. The greatest masters of the ages were strongly developed in this Sentiment.

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