Confidence And Enthusiasm

You must have CONFIDENCE in yourself, first of all, to present a program properly. Review the preceding Nine Lessons. It will do you a world of good to read over again my discussions of various subjects, such as the Power of Suggestion, the Credulity of People, etc. This will do much for you in the way of giving you confidence, for an understanding of the way in which the human mind works gives you the confidence of knowing how to deal with it.

Be sure of your tricks and you need have no fear that you will fail. Remember that you are the master -that no one else in your audience knows the secrets of your effects -- and that they cannot help but be mystified.

Start with your own family or a small group of friends in your home for your first audience. Performing before those you know will give you experience and confidence, and in time you will reach the stage where you are as much at home before a thousand people as you are before one.

Forget yourself and throw yourself into your performance, with ENTHUSIASM. If you love Magic you must bring that love, in the form of enthusiasm, into your performance. You know how contagious enthusiasm is. Your audience will catch the spark and will be alive with interest because of your enthusiasm.

Confidence in yourself and enthusiasm will, of course, do much to ward off stage fright. Absolute mastery of yourself while before an audience will, however, come only with experience. Whatever you do. BEWARE OF STAGE FRIGHT REMEDIES. I remember an instance of what a Stage Fright Chaser did many years ago. I was doing a magic show in the old town hall. One of the performers on the program bought a bottle of this Stage Fright Chaser. The directions said to take it in a dose of three to five drops in a half glass of water. To be certain of its working, this man took a tea-spoonful. Needless to say, we had a sick performer on our hands. All such remedies affect the heart and you must avoid them.

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