Cigarette Manipulation The Pushin Vanish


Cigarette is pushed into closed left hand. When hand is opened, cigarette is found to have vanished. To Perform:

Hold cigarette as in Figure 1. Thumb and fingers of right hand grasp cigarette and bring it to closed left hand.

Push cigarette into left hand, Figure 2.

Bring hands apart. Open left hand and show cigarette in it.

Place cigarette against left fist again. Instead of pushing cigarette into hand, however, run first two fingers and thumb of right hand along cigarette toward left hand, Figure 3.

Slide right fingers over left forefinger, Figure 4.

Place right thumb against cigarette. Draw right hand away from left, concealing cigarette as shown in Figure 5. If you do these movements properly, the illusion of pushing cigarette into closed left hand is perfect.

Now raise left hand, open it, and show that cigarette has vanished.

Figure 6 shows view toward audience.

Figure 6 shows view toward audience.

Produce cigarette from left elbow. To do this, reach behind elbow, get cigarette into position at tips of right fingers, and bring cigarette out, Figure 7.

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