Cigar From Pocketbook

This is one of Ed Reno's favorite effects, especially as an impromptu stunt off stage and at close quarters. EFFECT:

Performer reaches into pocket and brings out a small pocketbook. He opens it, reaches in, and brings out a large cigar, many times larger than the purse. He then passes the purse out for examination.


1 -- A small purse, about an inch and a quarter wide.

SECRET: To Prepare:

Slit bottom of purse as you did in preceding effect to allow enough room for cigar to be drawn through. Insert cigar in slit. Put both purses in left trouser's pocket. Have cigar extending upward in pocket, Figure 6.

To Perform:

Reach into pocket with left hand and grasp prepared purse. Cigar automatically comes into inside of hand. Keep back of hand to audience to conceal cigar, Figure 7.

With right hand open purse, reach in, and bring out cigar. Close purse and hand cigar to a spectator. As you do this, turn right side to audience. You can then exchange purses by placing hand in left trouser's pocket. Pass out unprepared purse for examination.

Reno varies this occasionally by producing a large jack-knife with open blade, or if seated at the table, he produces a table knife from the little purse.

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