Chinese Production

A very serviceable piece of apparatus for producing, vanishing, or transforming rather large articles and live animals, such as rabbits, etc. It is easy to construct.


A Chinese box with no lid is shown empty. Then it is placed on a table or chair. Performer shows an empty hat, then suddenly produces a number of silks from it. Magician then drops silks into box and changes them into a live, squirming rabbit which he pulls out of the box by the ears. Box is shown empty.


1 -- Specially constructed Chinese Box.

2 -- Several silk handkerchiefs.

SECRET: To Prepare:

The box which I use is 12 inches square—the size may be varied according to size of production. For a long time my box was made of corrugated cardboard with the edges reinforced with gummed paper tape. I painted the tape dark green. On the box itself I painted Chinese figures in red and lined the box with dark figured cretonne.

The mechanical arrangement in the box is a flap of corrugated board attached to the bottom of the box with gummed paper tape which acts as a hinge. The box may be made of three-ply wood and the flap hinged on. Figure 20 shows flap arrangement. It is shorter than the height of the sides of the box and is hinged across the middle of the bottom of the box.

Figure 21 shows that flap cannot be seen from outside of box. Figure 22 shows inside of box as you look directly into it. Box at this stage is not lined yet.

Figure 23 shows how a rabbit may be concealed in Compartment B. On each side of box is a hook on which to fasten flap when something is concealed in compartment on either side.

When silks are dropped into box, flap can be easily swung to other side to enclose them in Compartment A and expose rabbit, Figure 24, next page.

To make the illusion more effective, cretonne is used to line the box and cover both sides of the flap. A dark-patterned cretonne confuses the eye so that when box is held up for a moment and kept in motion as it is shown empty, the

box appears ordinary and empty. The illusionist has learned that proper cretonne is a great aid in some cases. To line the box, merely coat the sides and both sides of flap with glue and paste cretonne in, Figure 25.

Pick up box and keeping it in motion, show it to be empty. Replace on table or chair. You have rabbit concealed in Compartment B.

Produce silks from hat and lay them over front edge of box. Put hat aside. Pick up silks with one hand and box with other. Show box empty again quickly. Drop silks into box. Unhook flap and swing to other side to conceal silks. Hook flap quickly into place.

Pull rabbit out by the ears and hurriedly show box empty again.

In transporting small animals, such as the rabbit or guinea pig, it is well to have a traveling case for them. It is a great convenience in handling them.

Figure 26 shows a good bag. It is like a traveling bag but has an opening at one end with a screen over it for air. Animal stores usually carry various kinds of traveling bags for animals. You can have one made, however, in the repair department of some trunk shop.

To Perform:

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