Chinese Linking Rings

The Linking Rings is one of the oldest tricks and one of the most wonderful if presented in a finished and skilled manner. Audiences have been amazed for years by this effect of linking and unlinking solid steel rings. I well remember the time when I saw Ching Ling Foo, the celebrated Chinese conjurer, present the effect years ago. He made a masterpiece of the trick.

While a set of linking rings can be found in almost every magician's stock of apparatus, very few performers have ever mastered the routine well enough to present the effect with showmanship. The usual presentation is mediocre and lacks finish. The few men, however, who have studied the rings closely and have mastered the work with them, have made of them a thing of beauty. The work of these few men makes them stand out in sharp contrast to the ordinary performer of linking ring effects.

Eugene Laurant is one of those magicians who has spent years with the rings and in his hands the effect is a classic. It is a rare privilege for me to be able to give you Mr. Laurant's own routine with the LINKING RINGS.

Mr. Laurant's routine is the result of years of study and of experience. He has used dozens of variations, but he discarded them all and settled down definitely to using only those which he found most effective in his hands. His routine is snappy, just the right length, and full of showmanship. When he finishes, his audience is all worked up and a storm of applause is his unfailing reward. If you have not already had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Laurant perform, I hope that you may see him soon.

The student of Magic should study closely the ways of the successful professionals. The things to watch lie in their manner of presenting effects, rather than in the effects themselves. See how they eliminate unessentials and constantly play up strong points with a punch -- see how they avoid needless and monotonous repetition, but play up repetition with force when it strengthens the mystery and better pleases the audience. Watch these points in working with Linking Rings.

Handling the rings is not difficult, but it requires practice. You must become so accustomed to handling them that you can follow the routine almost automatically. You must be so familiar with them that one move blends into another--and this comes only through practice. You must have the ease of working so well in hand that your mind is left free for putting the effect over with SHOWMANSHIP. Mr. Laurant says that he makes it a habit to run through his linking ring routine before each performance to keep it fresh in his mind so that he can work at high pitch.

In this lesson I give you the complete routine and also the Patter which Mr. Laurant uses. It is impossible to give you his remarkable Showmanship, but I hope you will work up the effect for yourself with real Showmanship.

The usual set of Linking Rings consists of Eight Rings. Mr. Laurant uses Eleven, and the routine is taught to you with that number.

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