Chefalos Knot

I believe this knot was brought out by Chefalo, the famous Italian Magician. It works very nicely in an Oriental program.


Performer ties a double knot. Then to make knot even more secure, he loops an end of the rope through the knot several times. In spite of this, the knot disappears on command.


1--A piece of rope or cord.


1 of the rope coming up behind part 2, Figure 48.

Tie another single knot. This time part 1 comes in front of part 2, Figure 49. Bring right end of rope down through loop A, Figure 50. Now bring same end of rope up through loop B, Figure 51, next page. Pull on both ends of rope and knots disappear.

To give this experiment a Japanese or Chinese atmosphere, perform it this way: After knot is tied, give one end to one assistant and the other to a second assistant. Stand behind knot and fan it. As you fan, assistants pull rope and knot disappears.

If performing Chefalo's Knot at a club or dinner engagement and using patter, explain that this knot is one of the strongest knots used by sailors. Not only is it a double knot, but it is made even more secure by putting end of rope through the loops.

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