Character Analysis As Related To Magic

Much of your success as a Magician depends on your understanding of people. You must sell yourself and your wares, and you cannot do it successfully unless you know people. There are magicians who have beautiful shows and do not know how to sell themselves.

Before you can present your performance, you must first sell it. You may have to see a number of individuals to get an engagement — it may be a booking agent, a manager, a high school superintendent, a minister, or a doctor. You must gain the confidence of the people you see and make them feel that you are a master, a new attraction, better than anyone else they have seen.

The important thing for you to do is create the right impression and get people to like you. Too many sales have been spoiled, not because of the goods, but because the buyer took a personal dislike to the salesman. The great basis, then, of successful salesmanship is in understanding the likes and dislikes of those with whom you are dealing. When you understand these things, you can paint just the kind of a picture for the buyer which will give such strong promise of satisfying his wants that your sale is assured.

Everyone has something to sell. Every man is a salesman, in some sense of the word, whether he is marketing commodities, skilled service, or ideas; whether he is selling his personality to his sweetheart, his family, his friends, or his business associates. And just as everyone is interested in selling something, so everyone is equally interested in buying what he needs. And when a man is buying, he is attracted most strongly to those things which he likes and which he believes will meet his needs.

Likes and dislikes can be accounted for, definitely and scientifically. They are part of each individual character and are written on every human face, where they may be read, not by guesswork, but with scientific accuracy. The unsuccessful salesman does not know these things and he fails.

I want YOUR success to be assured, and so I am going to give you an insight into Character Analysis. I am going to give you a quick and dependable working knowledge of people so that you will know what picture to paint, what button to push, and what package to offer in order to attract favorable attention with different people, arouse interest, awaken desire, inspire confidence, and effect the sale of yourself and your Magic.

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