Change Back to Original Color

This is an adaptation of the Pull-Away Vanish to color changing. Hold hands in position shown in Figure 71.

Left hand downward. Right hand partially concealed behind left.

Curl right forefinger inward to Thumb Palm red thimble in right hand, Figure 72.

Stretch finger out again with only silver thimble left on it. Remove left hand and turn palm to audience to show it empty. Show silver thimble on right forefinger, Figure 73.

The effect to the audience is that you merely covered red thimble with left hand and thimble changed back to silver again. This is all done very quickly--in just a few seconds.

Now bring left hand inside palm of right and slip second finger into red thimble. Then Thumb Palm red thimble in left hand, Figure 74.

Continue moving both hands to the right so that palm of right hand is exposed to audience and back of left hand is toward audience. This is the regular Change-Over Palm, see Figures 34 to 40.




You still have silver thimble on right forefinger. Drop left hand to side. Turn right side to audience. As you make move of throwing thimble from right hand into air, drop red thimble in left trouser's pocket.

Now vanish silver thimble from right hand as you were taught, see Figures 58, 59, 60.

Next you produce thimble from behind left knee. With right forefinger extended reach behind left knee. Under cover of knee, get finger into thimble and straighten again. Bring it out as if you took it from knee.

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