Cast Of Characters 3 males 1 female

The Policeman — Man assistant The Circus Girl — Lady assistant The Doctor — The performer The Clown — 2nd man assistant

The clown is duplicated by lady assistant who plays the part of the circus girl. The Pirate) Played by the same man assistant The Bartender) who takes the part of the clown.


1 — The Circus Cabinet

2 — A three-sided Parlor screen.

6 — Dagger with piece of paper or card thrust on blade up close to handle.

7 — Three or four beer and cordial bottles and the same number of glasses typical of a bar.


1 - The Circus Cabinet:

Here is another piece of cabinet apparatus capable of producing many plots of vanishing appearing or transforming people. It is quite simple in construction and painted up with the red and white, or blue and yellow striped awning to give it a true circus effect.

Fig. 1 gives a general idea of the cabinet mounted on a wooden platform and so raised above the floor that the spectators can see under it.

Fig. 1 gives a general idea of the cabinet mounted on a wooden platform and so raised above the floor that the spectators can see under it.

Fig. 2 gives another view of the cabinet with the front door open. You will observe that in the front door is a smaller door on hinges and with a catch. It opens and closes from the inside at will. There is also a similar door on right side of cabinet as can be seen in Fig. 1.

The walls, top and doors of the cabinet can be made of wallboard /—

or of three-ply lumber or each wall, door and top could be a frame upon which is tacked awning on both sides. Three-quarter-inch lumber about three inches wide of light material would be excellent for frame. It should, however, be well reinforced in center and in the corners.

Each side wall is supported to platform by two or more iron clamps or angles and held in place with bolts and wing nuts. Fig 3. Also shown in Fig. 1. Wall could be supported inside as well as outside if necessary.

The top is fastened to the top of the two side walls by bolts extending from the top of walls through holes in top, and then top held in place securely by wing nuts.

The front door is hinged to front edge of right wall. The right side of stage, remember, is governed as you stand on stage and face audience. It is the actor's directions and not the audience's.

Pin hinges are used so that pins can be readily removed for packing. Have hinges well oiled so as to operate noiselessly.

There are two rear doors, each door being one half the size practically as the front door. Whereas the front door is hinged so as to swing outward, these two rear doors are hinged specially to swing both inside and out. Any good carpenter or cabinet maker can fix this for you if you have difficulty yourself.

To accomplish this, you can use a special type of hinge as is shown in Figs. 4, 5, 6, 7. Fig. 4 shows plan of hinge. Fig. 5 shows it hung at right angle to wall. It is pulled out a bit from wall to show position of hinge. Fig. 6 shows door opening inward and Fig. 7 the door opening outward. A hinge should be hung near top and bottom of each rear door.

In hanging doors be sure that they are raised far enough off of platform to swing easily. Also be sure that proper knobs and catches are on doors to assist in opening and closing. In emergency the rear doors can be made to swing inward only.

The cabinet proper is about six feet high, or a trifle more so if characters are very tall. It is 3-1/2 feet wide and 3 feet from front to back.

The platform extends 9 inches out from the cabinet on each side. Fig. 8 gives a cross section bird's eye view.

Fig. 9 is another similar view but with doors of cabinet open.

Fig. 10 shows position of rear doors of cabinet opening in and out.

Fig. 11 gives another view of platform. The platform proper is supported by four legs and the height from bottom of each leg to top of platform is from 12 to 14 inches.

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