Cardinis Floating Cigarette

This is a pretty novelty in the hands of this noted magician. It is suitable for the stage or any place where a thread will not be visible to spectators.


Magician borrows a cigarette or has one of his own examined. He places it in a glass tube which has a screw cap at top and bottom. A hoop is passed over the tube to show that there is no outside connection. Suddenly on command, the cigarette rises and falls inside of the tube. Mysteriously, it stops and remains suspended when Magician desires it.


2 -- A piece of fine black silk thread, 24 to 30 inches long.

3 -- A black pin, or needle painted black.

4 -- A glass toothbrush holder with screw covers at both ends. The covers are of metal with holes punched in them for ventilation. These holders may be purchased at any ten-cent store.

5 -- A wooden or metal hoop, about six to eight inches in diameter.


Take the piece of thread and attach the pin to one end. Run the pin through a hole in one of the metal caps of holder, going from outside to inside. Attach free end of thread to your middle vest button.

Place the threaded screw cap in lower right vest pocket and insert the pin in top of pocket where you can get at it easily.

Screw the other metal cap on bottom of glass tube. To Perform:

Come forward and ask spectator for a cigarette. As you go back to stage, get pin from vest pocket between piM

FlMi thumb and forefinger of right hand.

Under pretense of examining cigarette, push pin into one end of it. In this way cigarette is attached to thread, Figures 93 and 94.

Pick up glass tube with left hand and show it to audience. Transfer cigarette to left hand also. Reach into pocket and get screw cap with right hand. Now drop cigarette in tube and screw on cap, Figure 95.

Allow cigarette to fall from end to end of tube to show audience that it is not attached inside. Pick up hoop from table and pass it over threaded tube in same manner as you pass hoop over threaded deck in a glass. (See Lesson 18, Figures 29 to 38).

Place hoop aside.

Now hold tube at bottom in left hand. By moving tube toward or away from body, thread is loosened or tightened, and cigarette rises or falls accordingly. The movement need be only slight to get the effect, and as the movement is horizontal to and from body, it is not noticeable at all to audience, Figure 96.

Make cigarette rise to top of tube, fall to bottom, and remain suspended at different places. Make it rise rapidly and then fall slowly, etc., just to make it interesting.

To finish the trick, have cigarette come to top of tube. Grasp thread with thumb and finger-tips of right hand and pull pin out. Insert pin in your vest as you misdirect attention of audience to the tube. Tube and cigarette may now be passed out for examination, or tube opened and cigarette thrown out to audience.

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