Card Appearance At Selected Number


Spectator selects a card and remembers it. Card is replaced in deck and thoroughly shuffled into it. Deck is then placed on the floor or on a table. Another spectator is asked to name any number between five and ten. Assume that seven is chosen. Spectator counts the cards from the top of the deck, and when the seventh card is turned over, it is found to be the selected card.


Force a card on a spectator, say the Nine of Hearts. You learned how to FORCE a card in an earlier lesson.

"Remember the card please, and if you care to, show it to a few of your neighbors. Take the pack in your own hands, place your card in it, and shuffle the cards well."

Give deck to spectator, and when he has replaced selected card and shuffled deck, take it from him again.

"To convince you further that your card is well shuffled and lost in the deck, let me run the cards through hurriedly before you."

Fan the cards and run over them quickly. As you do so, notice the Nine of Hearts. Starting with the card behind it, count SIX cards and place second and third fingers of right hand behind the SIXTH card to keep track of it. Do not hesitate while doing this, so that audience will not suspect anything. Continue running through the whole deck.

Now separate deck at a point where you have SIXTH card and place the packet in right hand behind packet in left. This brings the SIXTH card on "Top" of the deck.

You may now riffle shuffle the deck, being careful not to disturb the top seven cards of the deck. Place deck on table or floor.

"Will you, sir, please select the first number that comes into your mind BETWEEN five and ten." Accent the word - between - and in most cases, the spectator will say - seven.

"What is your number, please? SEVEN? I shall then cause the selected card to appear at Number Seven in the deck. Count the cards off one at a time from the top of the deck."

Let spectator count off six cards, and then stop him.

"Just a minute, before you count farther."

Turn to spectator who selected card and ask him again what his selected card was. Repeat it with emphasis - THE NINE OF HEARTS.

Then have second spectator turn over the seventh card and show it to audience.

"The seventh card is the NINE OF HEARTS. Correct, sir!"


If spectator chooses some number other than seven, you must not be disconcerted. Be prepared for such an emergency.

If he says five or ten, tell him you want a number BETWEEN five and ten. If he chooses number six, have second spectator count down six cards and then tell audience that you will cause the selected card to appear next to the sixth card. If number eight is called, slip one card from the bottom to the top of the pack or use this ruse: Show the bottom card and say, "That isn't your card, is it? All right, then I shall cause your card to appear the eighth card from the top of the deck." Place this card on the deck and have spectator count down eight cards. If spectator chooses number nine, work it this way: Fan the deck slightly, faces of cards up, and get left little finger under the "bottom" two cards. Square up the deck. Grasp the two cards in your right hand and show as ONE. Then proceed as you would if number eight were called. If you desire, you may permit spectator to choose number ten and work it by showing THREE cards from "bottom" of deck as ONE, then placing them on top of deck and having spectator count down ten cards.


The above effect may be performed without Forcing a card Cut the pack in readiness for the Pass. Have selected card placed on lower packet. Spread bottom of upper packet a little so that you can count off six cards from the bottom quickly. Let these six cards fall on selected card and insert left little finger over them as you square up the deck. Now perform the SIMPLIFIED PASS by shuffling the top packet in front of the bottom one. This leaves the selected card SEVENTH from the top of the deck.

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