C The Evolution Sentiment Mental

This Sentiment makes the self-investigator or student in man. With the commercialist believing in authorities and the Protectionist being a Doubting Thomas, man in this third development goes a step higher and says he will find the truth through investigation. He seeks to understand and improve.

The Commercialist moves in a small circle because he is satisfied. He believes in letting well enough alone. If his physical wants are satisfied and he already has more than he needs, he sees no reason to leave it. So he settles down and becomes overweight. The Protectionist gets out of the small circle because of necessity. He found opposing forces and he goes out of the small circle to build his defenses. The Evolutionist is not satisfied with what he found in either of the two circles so he starts out in new territory. He pioneers. He moves in larger circles and goes out for knowledge where either of the other two types would fear or not be interested in going.

This Sentiment is interested in the intellectual side of life and in those things which impart wisdom. It seeks understanding and better ways of doing things, paying attention to causes and effects, to result and consequences, in order to shape the environment of man so he can meet the greatest happiness of mind and body. This Sentiment is inspirational, imaginative, creative, reasoning, devotional and expansive in thought, craving for harmony, liberty and justice.

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