Building Illusions

The illusions in this course have been selected with the greatest care so that they will be adaptable to your needs, whatever your position in magic.

For those students who will use them for temporary work, such as club, school, church, or local theater engagements, these illusions have been arranged so that they can be constructed at little expense by the student himself or by a local carpenter. These temporary illusions need not be taken apart for packing and thus can be nailed together permanently.

Professional illusion building is an entirely different field and requires a great deal of experience. There are many more problems to consider in constructing the professional illusion:

1 - It must be capable of producing a big, impressive illusion.

2 - It must be as light in weight as possible to save excess baggage charges.

3 - It must be so constructed that it can be taken apart easily and packed into as small a space as possible.

4 - It must be so constructed that it can be put together in a practical, speedy manner.

5 - It must be substantial so that it can be worked without danger of tipping over or exposing the inner workings -- also so that it will withstand the strain of the road.

6 - It must be the right size for satisfactory working.

7 - It must be artistic in appearance so as to make a good impression with an audience.

With all these angles to consider in professional illusion work, you can readily see the wisdom of securing the best the professional builder has to offer. Here is a case where the best is the cheapest in the long run. One good illusion will be more enduring and will bring you better results at less cost than a dozen poor ones. So to you who are going into illusion work, I say -- Buy the best illusion material possible and pay the price for it. It will save you time, patience, money, and perhaps a reputation.

TO TAKE CARE OF THE PROFESSIONAL ANGLE OF ILLUSIONS, WE HAVE MADE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS WITH EXPERT ILLUSION BUILDERS' TO CONSTRUCT ILLUSIONS FOR YOU. Through the Tarbell System, Inc., you will be able to get the best in illusions at reasonable prices. Order your illusions through the school as you need them and want them.

PACKING: After you have an illusion, be sure that you secure the proper crate, trunk, or other material to pack it in so that it will be protected in transit. The traveling case for an illusion should usually be made to order by the illusion builder.

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