Bottom To Top Shifts

Important in sleight of hand with cards is the ability to shift undetectably the "Bottom" card of a deck to the "Top" or vice versa, without disturbing the position of the rest of the cards.

Oblique Slip Up Palm Shift

To get "Bottom" card to "Top": Hold deck in left hand with "Bottom" card facing outward in oblique angle away from audience. Perform the Oblique Slip Up Palm, getting "Bottom" card into right palm. Allow right hand to come between left fingers and back of deck. Leave "Bottom" card on "Top" and with the same movement take deck from left hand, holding it between thumb and first and second fingers of right hand. Figure 12.

To the audience it appears that you have merely transferred the deck from the left to the right hand.

To get "Top" card to "Bottom": Practically the same movements as described above. The deck, however, in this case, is held in the left hand with backs up. "Top" card is slipped up, palmed, and shifted to "Bottom" of deck. When deck is transferred to right hand, it should be pivoted around on thumb and first finger of right hand so that backs of cards are toward audience.

The audience does not see face of "Bottom" card and is not aware of shifting and pivoting of deck if you do this properly.

Index Finger Shift

To get "Bottom" card to "Top": Hold deck in a slightly oblique position in left hand. Right hand in vertical position screens cards. With left thumb push "Bottom" card over C edge of deck for about half an inch so that corner AC comes between first joints of index and second fingers of right hand. Figure 13.

Do not open fingers of right hand to receive card and do not push card far enough between fingers to show from back of hand as either one of these two things would bring the attention of the audience to what you are doing. Merely get the card far enough between your fingers to grasp it and hold it securely.

Pull deck away with left hand for a few inches, allowing the cards to fall back against base of left thumb with backs up. Figure 14.

Bring palmed card up to deck in left hand, and place it against deck. Figure 15.

With a continuous movement, as you place "Bottom" card on "Top" of deck, pivot the deck around and into position in right hand. Figure 16.

To the audience it looks as though you just turned the pack over in left hand and flopped it over into your right hand with a flourish.

To get "Top" card to "Bottom": Hold deck in left hand with backs of cards up. Repeat movements as described above, but finish with cards in right hand, backs to audience.

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