Back Hand Palm

The next move is to get the cards onto the back of the hand and hold them there so that they cannot be seen when front of hand is exposed to audience. This is an essential method of palming which must be mastered by every magician.

Move first and little fingers to sides of card so that card can be easily gripped between these two fingers. Figure 16, next page.

Remove thumb from card, grip card in first and little fingers, and curl back second and third fingers. Hold card as in Figure 17, next page.

Straighten out the fingers and the cards automatically go to back of hand. They are held there, gripped between first and second fingers and between third and little fingers. Figure 18 shows front and back views.

Cards Back Palm How

You must gain the ability to back palm like a flash. Start your practice using only one card, then as you gain greater skill in back palming, add more cards. The Back Palm must be done with one long, smooth, continuous movement to get card to back of hand, and then another move to bring card back to front again to be held as when you started the back palm, Figure 15.

After you have taken the cards from under coat, Back Palm them. Turn toward right a little so that your left side is toward audience. Bring hoop up so that outside is toward audience again.

Hold hoop as in Figure 19. Right hand is pulled behind it so that audience can see hand momentarily.

Then push right hand suddenly through the hoops, tearing the paper. The moment your hand is through the paper, bring the cards quickly from the back to the front of your hand by a reverse process (Figures 18-1716) so that they are held as in Figure 15. Grip cards with tips of fingers at the back and suddenly move your thumb upward. This move causes the cards to fan. Figure 20.

The effect must be that the fan appeared at your fingertips right out of the paper. It will take practice on your part to perfect this production. You must bring the cards to the front of your hand and fan them in a flash.

The effect is very startling when this fan of cards suddenly appears at the tips of your fingers. You can understand how any slowness or fumbling in producing the cards would completely spoil the experiment. Practice then until you have it perfected to a nicety before you perform it before an audience.

As you acquire skill in this card production, add more cards to the number you produce. NOTE:

Soft, unglazed Steamboat Cards are good for this type of work.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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