Back Hand Color Change


Face card on deck changes to a different number and color. This is another effect of Paul Fuchs. To Perform:

Turn left side toward audience. Hold deck in left hand with backs of cards toward rear. Place left little finger under top card in readiness for Palming. Curve fingers of right hand and place them against lower edge of card, Figure 53.

Grip one edge of card between first and second fingers and other edge between third and fourth fingers in readiness for Back Palming. Straighten fingers and Back Palm the card. Place deck in right hand to show face card to audience, Figure 54.

The Back Palming must be done in an instant as you pass the deck from left to right hand.

Bring left hand up past the deck to the right about 12 inches away. Do not cover cards. Move right hand


up to left. Under cover of left hand, turn right hand enough to get Back Palmed card into left palm, Figure 55.

Bring pack back to original position facing audience. Bring left hand with Palmed card back to the left over the deck.

Figure 56. The small diagram shows the movement of the left hand to the right over the deck and nothing happens to the exposed card.

Now hand is brought back to the left and palmed card is placed over card on the deck. The moment card is in place, open fingers wide and continue motion of left hand to the left, Figure 57.

The effect is that the color change came about with your fingers wide open. To the audience it appears that you merely moved right hand past left hand and card changed. This illusion is produced when you move right hand up to left. (See Figure 55).

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