Back Finger Clip Vanish

Hold coin as shown in Figure 64. This is also a one-hand vanish.

The real grip comes between tip of thumb and second joint of second finger. Lift up index finger from coin. Figure 65.

Bring index finger down on opposite side of coin. Figure 66.

Grip coin between first and second fingers and remove thumb. Coin is now held in the Back Finger Clip Position.

Palm of hand is shown to audience and coin has apparently vanished. Figures 67 and 68.

This vanish should be done with a throwing motion. Left side of body should be turned to audience and arm stretched out to the right.

To bring coin to Front Finger Clip position:

This is a variation of Front and Back Hand Palming, but in this case the coin merely slides back and forth between first and second fingers.

Close hand so that tip of thumb can rest easily on coin. Thumb holds coin tight against second finger while first finger moves to opposite edge of coin. Thumb also aids in pulling coin forward. Figure 69.

Straighten first and second fingers, holding coin clipped between them. Remove grip of thumb. Coin is now in Front Finger Clip position. Figure 70.

During these movements the hand is turned with back toward audience. WATCH YOUR ANGLE OF VISIBILITY on these positions. Figure 71.

Figure 72 shows how wrist is bent slightly backward in making these movements so that audience cannot see coin being transferred from Back to Front Finger Clip.

To bring coin from front to back of hand again:

While back of hand is toward audience, place thumb against coin. Push coin between fingers to bring it to Back Finger Clip Position as you turn hand to show empty palm. Thumb screens coin until it is in back position, then it is raised and hand shown as in Figure 67.

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