The Will Temperament

This Temperament controls the muscles, ligaments, bones, and glands. Upon this Temperament depend the power of contraction and tension and the density of the body structure --the hardness and compactness of the muscles, ligaments, and bones. It holds the minute structures together and blends them into one, giving the body power to stand erect, power of mobility, equilibrium, and resistance. It has the power of locomotion, protection, and defense. It has a cooling power and acts as a balance to the warmth of the Vital Temperament. It gives repelling power and makes a man reserved, conservative, skeptical, and cautious.

The Will Temperament, because of its tension and concentration powers, builds structures that are muscular, ligamentous, or bony. It builds an angular, square face. The sides of the jaws form a perpendicular line running down from the head. Solidity of development is typical here.

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