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Astrology is the pseudo-science of the stars and planets, which was the foundation for our modern science of Astronomy. When the peoples of antiquity conceived of the idea that God has made these planets as His perfect works and set them on high in the heavens, the Astrological system began. Starting with worship of the celestial bodies and the attributing to them of magical powers, the next step in Astrology was to classify the whole world into divisions which were supposedly under the influence of certain planets.

Different parts of the human body, different animals, plants, metals, and different countries were designated as under the influence of certain planets. This developed into a very complicated planetary system built up on magical beliefs. In Lesson 6 I told about the belief in the magic influence of the planets in the Art of Medicine. The Astrological system covers far more than the Medical Art, however; within the scope of its magical influences lie many, many factors in human life.

To make this clear to you, I will take the Planet Mars and give you an outline of its widespread Astrological influence:

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