Arrangement Of Stage Setting

Dress the stage the best you can with the material you have. Study color effects a little and style of arrangement. Keep the stage neat-looking. Keep material not in use at the moment as far in the background as possible. Things in use should be made to stand out. Because of spectators coming up to assist you, be sure that apparatus on stage is well protected against close observation. A handkerchief or cloth will help to conceal things. Keeping things far back also helps to conceal them. Sometimes one or two effects can be kept off stage until ready for use. Allow plenty of space at front of stage for spectators assisting you.

When two acts are being given, the material for the first act should be cleared away and new material set in place for the second act. This gives a new note of interest for the second act.

The illustration shows arrangement of a stage which I have used when only card tables and chairs were available.

This last section of your lesson is taken up with teaching you some new effects which were listed on your program suggestions:

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