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This is a modification of Anna Eva Fay's method of working, in which the hands are tied in back of the body and then to a chair. In spite of this, you have free use of your hands to accomplish manifestations.

This tie can be done with soft clothesline or tape. Strips of soft muslin are usually used and were preferred by Anna Eva Fay herself. The strips should be about two inches wide and about two feet long.

Have gentleman from audience wrap one end of strip twice around your left wrist and tie it securely. Knot should come on inside of wrist. If desired, melted sealing wax could be placed on knot. Have right wrist bound in same way with another strip, Figure 39.

Place hands behind back and have the ends of both strips tied together, keeping your wrists about 9 inches apart. To do this, interlock your fingers and spread your wrists as far apart as you can. You face audience while this is being done so that they believe your wrists are being tied tight together.

Figure 40 shows a rear view.

Sit down on chair and have assistant run another strip of cloth around strip between wrists, keeping it on left side of knot. This strip is then tied to back of chair.

Figure 41 is a cross-section diagram of arrangement of strips.

Have spectator tie your ankles to chair, your knees together, and a strip around your neck to upper chair back. To the audience, it appears that you are securely bound, Figure 42.

When curtain is closed, it is easy for you to reach article in your lap by sliding your hip over to the left on

Figure 40 shows a rear view.

the chair and reaching around your right side with your right hand. Left hand goes as far around the back as possible to give right hand more play, Figure 43.

It is easy for you to get back to original position again so that gentlemen assisting can examine the ropes at any time. You can work very quickly with this tie and get back into position again easily.

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