An Odd Cigarette Vanish


Performer shows a cardboard box with a number of cigarettes in it. He takes them out one at a time and places them in another cardboard box. Picking up the second box, he commands the cigarettes to vanish, and they do. Magician shows the empty box and tears it up to prove that the cigarettes are gone.


1 -- Two cardboard boxes, about 16 inches square.


Place one cigarette on the Clip. Place this cigarette in one of the boxes. Place the two boxes about two feet apart on the table. To Perform:

Have left side toward audience as you stand near the box with the cigarettes. If the table is small, you may hold this box in left hand.

Show the empty box and replace on table. Show cigarettes in other box. Reach in with right hand, pick up some of the cigarettes, and let them fall back into box. As you do this, adjust Clip on back of second finger of right hand, as in Figure 88. Show cigarette as in Figure 90.

Reach over to empty box as if to throw cigarette into it. Place hand inside of box and when it is concealed, merely straighten out second finger and bring hand out apparently empty, Figure 92.

Reach into first box again, pretending to take another cigarette, but in reality merely bending second finger to produce cigarette on Clip. Bring hand out showing cigarette, and go through routine again of apparently dropping cigarette in second box.

Continue this for the same number of times as there are cigarettes in the first box. Audience believes that you are taking cigarettes from the first box and putting them into the second, whereas you are really just carrying one cigarette back and forth.

After last cigarette has been apparently dropped into second box, show right hand empty and drop it to side. Under cover of your body, dispose of cigarette and Clip in your pocket.

With left hand lift second box, presumably containing cigarettes now. Turn box over to show that cigarettes have disappeared, then destroy box by tearing it apart to show that it is not a trick box.

The Smoker's Sanctuary

The Smoker's Sanctuary

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