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A good "sucker" effect, in which a trick is apparently explained but finishes with a surprise. EFFECT:

Performer shows a handkerchief and tells audience he will cause it to disappear in a mysterious manner. He rolls it up in his hands and pretends to put it into his left hand. He then places his right hand in his right trouser's pocket. Audience believes that he placed the handkerchief in his right trouser's pocket. Magician, however, opens his left hand and shows that handkerchief is really in his hand. He rolls up handkerchief again, and this time it changes into an egg. Saying that he will explain the trick so that the spectators can do it, too, Magician shows that the egg is just a hollow celluloid egg with a hole in it into which he tucked the handkerchief. He pulls out the handkerchief and repeats the experiment, changing the handkerchief to an egg again. Performer then explains that in case anyone is suspicious of the egg, all that has to be done is to break it. He does this and allows the contents of the egg to fall into a glass, thus showing the egg to be a real one.


1 -- A hollow celluloid egg with opening large enough to admit a silk handkerchief. Same kind of egg as used in Repeat Handkerchief Vanish, explained in this lesson.

2 -- A silk handkerchief, about 13 inches square.


Place hollow egg in right trouser's pocket

Place key in same pocket. Place real egg in left coat pocket.

To Perform:

Come forward with handkerchief.

"I hold in my hand what is known as a magic square of silk. To all ordinary appearances, it is but a silk handkerchief, but from an extraordinary angle, it is more than that for it has the power of separating itself into minute atoms and then reassembling itself under the proper influence. Because of its peculiar properties, it will

vanish before your very eyes, and no one will be able to see where it goes."

Roll silk up in hands into a small ball. Figure 64 shows performer rolling silk, as he appears to audience.

It is important for you to learn how to roll a silk quickly into a compact ball. Study Figures 65 to 69 carefully and practice the moves thoroughly until you have them mastered.

Start with a corner of the silk, allowing the rest to hang over back of left hand. Start moving the right hand in a rotary motion clockwise. Help feed the silk in with left thumb. Once you get the ball started, rolling the rest is easy.

Have skin of your hands slightly moist or sticky, and you will find the rolling easier to accomplish than with a dry skin.

"Watch the silk closely as I roll it into my left hand."

When silk is rolled into a small ball, close left hand around it and turn back of hand to audience. At same time, close right hand and bring it away from left as if you had something in it. You are trying to lead audience to believe that you have handkerchief in right hand, Figures 70 and 71.

Keep eyes on left hand, but very obviously place right hand in right trouser's pocket, Figure 72. "Now, all I have to do is to squeeze the left hand, and the silk will disappear."

Finger Palm celluloid egg in right hand and bring hand out of pocket. Audience must not be aware that you have something in right hand now.

Look at audience and say:

"Pardon me, but there seems to be come suspicion passing around the audience as to the legitimacy of the vanish. No, madam, the handkerchief has not vanished yet."

Open left hand and allow handkerchief to hang suspended by one corner from thumb and base of first finger. Keep back of right hand to audience to conceal finger-palmed celluloid egg, Figure 73.

"I am afraid you are not watching closely enough. I will just compress the handkerchief again."

FIG 73

Tuck silk into opening in celluloid egg with first and second fingers of left hand, Figure 74.

When all of silk is in egg, close left hand around egg and bring it away from right hand. Turn back of left hand to audience to conceal egg.

Show right hand empty, reach into right trouser's pocket, and remove key.

"I touch the hand with this Magic Key."

Touch left hand with key several times, Figure 75.

"And we find that the handkerchief has mysteriously transformed itself into an egg."

As you say this, turn left hand and show egg, Figure 76.

"Which goes to show the power of this magic key. I am often asked why I do not show how to do a trick once in a while, so I think at this stage I will take you into my confidence and show you how to change a handkerchief into an egg. You will be able to puzzle your friends, neighbors, relations, and perhaps, vast audiences. To begin with, you get a key, something like this one. Perhaps you already have a door key. Place the key in your pocket."

So saying, place the key in your right trouser's pocket and remove hand again.

"The next article you will need is an egg."

Transfer celluloid egg to right hand but do not expose opening in it. Place left hand casually in your left coat pocket, Figure 77.

"Now, this egg is peculiar. While it appears to be a real egg, it really isn't." Turn egg over, exposing the hole in it, Figure 78.

"It is just a hollow egg with a hole in it, into which a handkerchief can easily be tucked."

FMl egg

Finger Palm real egg in left hand and remove hand from left coat pocket. With left fingers draw silk out of celluloid egg and hold in position shown in Figure 79.

"All you have to do is get a silk handkerchief about this size and hold it in your left hand, and then use this hollow

Hold handkerchief suspended from left hand and show egg as in Figure 80.

"Of course, the audience is not supposed to know that you have this egg, so keep it hidden behind your fingers this way."

Turn left side partly toward audience. Bring left hand over to right and cover hollow egg, Figure 81.

"Now tuck the silk into the opening of the egg."

Turn right side of body toward audience. Keep hands together so that you do not expose real egg in left palm. Tuck silk into hollow egg with right hand, Figure 82.

Palm hollow egg in right hand, Figure 83.

Bring right hand away from left, concealing hollow egg. Expose real egg in left hand. Audience believes this to be hollow egg into which you tucked the silk, Figure 84, next page.

"There the silk is in the egg. Of course, you don't show the egg yet until you get the key. We use the key just to make it sound like real magic."

Turn your left hand over to conceal the egg, and hold left arm extended out. Bring right hand downward to right trouser's pocket to get key, Figure 85.

As you pick up key from bottom of pocket with right fingers, force the hollow egg into upper corner of PE*

pocket with right thumb. As you bring key out of pocket, turn pocket out to show it empty.

"Of course, using this key is merely good showmanship. It looks good and gives the impression that you are a magician. So, then, we touch the left hand in this way."

Touch back of left hand with key or place key on hand. Then remove key and replace in pocket, turning pocket in at same time. Show right hand freely before and after doing this so that audience can see nothing is concealed in it.

"Then turn your hand over and show the egg."

Turn left hand over and show egg. It is the real egg, but audience believes it to be the hollow one, see Figure 86.

"It is marvelous, isn't it? However, be careful that you hold the egg with the thumb as I do, keeping the opening against your hand. Were you to expose the opening, your success as a magician would be nil. Of course, should any suspicious personage of a villainous nature ask to see the other side of the egg, then just hit the egg on a glass."

Hit egg on glass to break it. Break the shell apart and allow contents to drop into the glass to show that the egg is REAL, Figure 87.

"Break the egg and show them that it is a real one."

Performer rolls handkerchief in his hands and pretends to place it in his closed left hand. His right hand

FIG. 85"

goes into his trouser's pocket and then comes out again. The audience believes that the handkerchief was placed in his pocket, instead of his left hand. Performer then opens left hand and shows that silk has not vanished yet. He rolls up silk again, pushes his right forefinger through his left palm, and the silk is found to have mysteriously vanished.


1 -- A silk handkerchief, about 13 inches square.


Come forward with handkerchief.

"Strange as it may seem, I hold in my hand not an ordinary silk handkerchief, but a most remarkable one. It comes and goes in a way which the closest eye cannot follow. Though many people have watched very carefully, yet when I roll it up in my hands, they have never been able to see where it vanished. So watch closely, because the closer you watch--the closer you watch."

Roll silk up between hands as explained above, See Figures 64 to 70.

Separate hands as in Figure 71.

Keep eyes on left hand and place right hand in pocket. Move hand about a little and then withdraw it. Audience is led to believe that you placed silk in pocket.

"Now, when I open my left hand, you will find that the handkerchief has mysteriously disappeared."

Pretend to hear someone talking in audience. As a rule, you do hear people whispering that handkerchief is in your pocket.

"What's that? I placed it in my pocket? No-no. You see it really hasn't gone yet."

Grasp corner of silk with left thumb and allow silk to hang from hand as in Figure 73.

This gets a laugh and squelches a few of the "wise ones."

"It is a very peculiar thing, but when I roll up a handkerchief and place it in my left hand "

Roll up handkerchief again into small ball. Pretend to place it in left hand, but in reality keep it in right hand. Right thumb may be brought down against it to hold it.

"And then place my right hand in my pocket "

Place right hand in pocket. With thumb, force silk into upper corner of pocket. Then grasp bottom of pocket and turn it out to show it empty. Also show right hand empty.

"People say, 'Oh, he put it in his pocket.' Now, that wouldn't be magic if you would catch me at it. It is so much easier to take the first finger of the right hand and place it against the left hand and push the handkerchief away in this fashion."

Place right forefinger against left hand, palm of latter toward audience. Figure 88.

Open left hand and push right finger over palm quickly. Figure 89.

Show hands empty on both sides, fingers wide apart.

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