Act I

1. Opening -- The Vanishing Wand (Lesson 20). A good opening because it is performed easily and quickly, and the vanish can be made startling.

2. Silk Production from Milady's Hat Box (Lesson 25). This is worked on the same principle as Milady's Hat Box Rabbit Vanish — only silks are used instead of a rabbit. Take a number of silk handkerchiefs or scarfs, the brighter the color the better, and fold each one up separately. Place them together and wrap in another silk. Hold in place by ribbon, thread, or pin. Attach this bundle to lid of hat box as you did the rabbit bag. Have box on a chair. Go through same routine that you do with the rabbit production. When you finally are ready to produce silks, unfold them, spread them out and show to audience, and place each on back of chair as shown.

3. Rabbit Production from Silks (Lesson 30). The silks are picked up from back of chair and a rabbit is produced from them. This effect is taught to you farther on in this lesson.

4. The "Sucker" Rabbit Box Vanish (Lesson 25). Be sure to build your box large enough to accommodate a fair size rabbit. Rabbits grow rapidly, and if your box is too small, the rabbit will soon outgrow it. You can ascertain the best size through a little experimenting. A guinea pig may be used instead of a rabbit. It will not grow to be very large and is easy to handle.

5. Chinese Paper Mystery with Wintertime in China for ending. (Lesson 4). Use a bright red paper and much larger than the size I suggested in your early lessons. Paint Chinese characters on paper to screen ball and also for good effect. In this effect, make tissue bag on rear of fan as large as you can handle conveniently to get as spectacular an effect as possible. It is easy to dispose of envelope by tearing it to pieces in hand or merely crumpling it up and dropping to floor. The paper which I use for these effects is 5 x 25 inches in size. For stage work effects must be enlarged and elaborated on over the presentation for parlor or any close work.

6. Card and Ribbon Mystery (Lesson 26). Instead of a playing card, use a yellow card with Chinese characters on both sides, made with black ink. Use a bright red ribbon. Work it up in this way as a Chinese trick.

7. The Untying Handkerchief (Lesson 28).

9. The Wandering Silk from Pocket to Pocket (Lesson 28).

10. King Solomon's Wedding Bands (Lesson 20).

11. The Coin in the Magical Envelopes (Lesson 22).

12. The Miser's Dream with Coins (Lesson 23).

13. The Homing Coins (Lesson 22).

14. The Haunted Lemon (Lesson 7). A variation of the Magic Orange off the tapes, using a lemon instead of an orange.

15. Producing a Card from a Whole Orange (Lesson 14). You use two spectators in the preceding effect. Have the same ones help you in this effect, one to select card and one to hold orange.

16. Rising Cards (Lessons 18 and 19). Use your favorite method.

19. The Penetrating Ring (Lesson 11).

20. Japanese Thumb Tie (Lesson 11).

21. Coats, Tapes and Rings (Lesson 7).

NOTE: The number of effects which you perform depends on your speed of working. Keep things moving. If you find this program too long, take out one, two, or even three tricks. You do not have to hurry to keep things in action, but be careful not to let non-essentials delay you in reaching your climax. This program should run a little less than an hour.

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