A The Commercial Sentiment Vital

This is based on the law of self-preservation. The first interests of the new-born babe are eating, sleeping, and enjoying physical comfort. The baby is helpless -- it is dependent on someone else to care for it. It trusts in other people, and its rebellion comes only when things displease its physical senses. It judges by impressions. It is emotional.

Study the baby -- his little upturned nose and fat cheeks -- and you have the characteristics of the man motivated by the Commercial Sentiment.

In the world at large, this Sentiment acts as the basis for enterprises which supply the body with material needs. Commercialism has thus arisen and fosters the occupations of life dealing with physical pleasures of the people.

It is the Sentiment of Chemistry, which deals with the attraction and repulsion of chemical elements in the processes of life. It is magnetic and attracts those things which supply material comfort.

It is the Sentiment of Authority Worship. A man in whom this Sentiment predominates depends on the doctor for health advice, the minister for religious help, and so on.

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