Sources for Additional Shuffling Information

Though I have already mentioned most of the recommended sources, here follows a brief overview.

Lennart Green's "Classic Green Part One"

Lennart Green's "Classic Green Part Two"

Lennart Green's "Shuffling Green"

Allan Ackerman's "Advanced Card Control Volume 5"

Herb Zarrow's "The Zarrow Shuffle"

"The Heinstein Shuffle"

Jerry Andrus "A Lifetime of Magic Part Two"

Ed Marlo's "Faros"

Ed Marlo's "Riffle Shuffle Systems"

Ed Marlo's "The Patented Shuffle"

Ed Marlo's "The Shank Shuffle"

I thereby complete part one of this book. If it has been a dull reading experience for you, which, due to the dry nature of much if not all the material it likely was, sleep well in the knowledge that while you may have invested several hours into reading, I forced myself to endure several days of writing that same material. The only positive side was the distraction the deck or two of cards I kept next to me at all times afforded. In truth, the experience has not been so truly heinous.. .at least not the entire time. I shall attempt to revive some sense of decorum in the sections to follow that reduces your misery, as I can assure you from my own exploration of such subjects the writing is not always the most engaging. Without further sickening you, we shall proceed.

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