Notes on Copyright

I am fully aware of the dangers inherent to releasing an ebook as opposed to a regular hardcover or paperback manuscript. However, I decided to do so, partially out to ease where production and distribution were concerned, partially to keep costs down, partially for added functionality and flexibility. Finally, because I myself like to purchase things where with only the click of a mouse I receive them instantly. Unfortunately, this medium makes piracy very easy, and inevitably there will be those who will make copies of the manuscript. I doubt if I will make any attempt to control this as I am aware it is a futile battle, and thus I make a simple appeal to you, to pay for what you have received. The cost is not unreasonable, and I was forced to invest my own money into technology to make the project viable, not to mention hundreds of hours writing and explaining, along with thousands of hours of testing and practicing, or order to bring you this document. Thus, I ask that you please offer the simple credit of making the inexpensive purchase, and requesting that others do the same. Thank you for your support.

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