Inquisition of Shuffling and Dealing

An assortment of ideas on shuffling, stacking, and dealing

New World of Card Magic Volume 8 Part One

Table of Contents:

Note Regarding Publication 4

Author's Note 5

Prologue 6

A Note Concerning How to Read This Manuscript 7

Part 1, Shuffling: 8

Methods of shuffling 8

Overhand Shuffling 9

Overhand Shuffling Controls 15

Jog Control 16

Breaks 21

Maintaining Top or Bottom Stock 26

The Undercut 32

Packet Pick-up 41

Counting & Running Cards 51

Blind Overhand Shuffling 52

Mirror Shuffling 52

Pick-up Shuffling 54

Hindu Shuffling 60

Hindu Shuffling Controls 64

Breaks 64

Packet Pick-up 74

Maintaining Top or Bottom Stock 79

The Undercut 81

Maintaining Top and Bottom Stock 84

Blind Hindu Shuffling 85

Pick-up Shuffling 86

The Gear Shuffle (Advanced Pick-up Shuffle) 88

Rear Guard Shuffle (A more convincing pick-up shuffle) 97

Circulation Shuffle 106

Cancellation Shuffle (Mirror Hindu Shuffle, Jog shuffling) 107

Weave Shuffling 111

Riffle Shuffling 112

In the Hands 120

Saw Shuffle 130

Forming a bridge 132

One-Handed Weave Shuffling 140

Charlier Shuffle 148

Faros 151

Weave Shuffling Controls 158

Distribution 159

The Gilbreath Principle 160

Holding Breaks 162

Blind Weave Shuffling 165

Strip-outs 165

Basic Strip-Out Shuffle 165

Dai Vernon's Triumph Shuffle (One card shuffle) 173

Spade Shuffle 181

The Square Shuffle (Count's Square Up Cover) 189

The Book Shuffle (Count's False Angle Shuffle) 196

The Archaic Shuffle (Count's Tabled Bridge Control) 203

Vise Grip Shuffle (In the hands bridge control) 206

Push through shuffling 214

Slop Shuffling 218

Count's Cover (In the Hands Square Shuffle) (The invisible strip-out) 219

Greek Shuffle 234

The Zarrow Shuffle 238

Broad Side Shuffling 247

Gamut Shuffling (The Count's Slop Shuffle concept) 249

Zarrow Shuffling in the Hands? 250

Other Shuffling Ideas 253

Mirror Weave Shuffles 254

Shuffling Combinations 255

Chaos Shuffling 256

Chaos Shuffling Controls 257

Blind Chaos Shuffling 257

Sources for Additional Shuffling Information 258

Closing Thoughts 259

Special Thanks 261

Credits 261

Notes on Copyright 264

Author's Thanks & Contact 265

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