Chaos Shuffling

Chaos Shuffling is rarely used, indeed few consider the process when they think of a shuffle, however, if well executed the process does more to randomize the order of the cards than any other does. It is anything but elegant and you must perform it on a table, but as a trade off, it is extremely convincing, though to be fair, it is extremely convincing for a reason, it is night impossible to control. Perhaps these are the features that make it attractive. Perhaps it is merely eccentricity, but I possess a certain fondness for the shuffle that you too may come to share.

The method is very simple. You take the cards spread them out all over a table. Mix them up and then assemble them back into a pile squaring the deck to complete the shuffle. (See figure 256.)

Of course just how shuffled (mixed) the cards become, is dependent entirely on how much and how effectively you mix them around on the table. This is quite obviously I think, everything I described it to be, that is to say, the very antonym of refinement in shuffling and virtually impossible to control to any major extent.

I do not feel this process requires any further explanation, so if I leave my readers confused as to the technique I sincerely apologize.

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