Authors Note

I wish to take a moment to comment on the title that I have so selfishly taken and so presumptuously bestowed upon myself. I have for many years considered writing in various fields, it is an area where I feel my creativity is allowed to roam unrestricted and where I can contribute my own individuality. However, the idea of writing under my true name has never held much appeal, as fame is something I have endlessly shunned. It happened therefore that as I was first considering composing this work I finished reading Alexandre Dumas' masterpiece "The Count of Monte Cristo" and became enamored with the title. It seemed to me to be a title denoting refinement and elegance by at the same time a sense of mystery and so, I have adopted it as the title under which I shall write all my magic material, which, at this time, is expected to encompass twelve volumes and cover various fields that interest me. Certainly, as with all things we do, I will find in it, some sense of ridicule from some, certainly considering my own lack of experience the notion that I have much to contribute seems strange. With some luck it will provide a few insights to some who are struggling and offer some ideas or at least the seeds of creativity to others who have a passion as I do for the subject in question.

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