Snap Deal Notes

While the application is sometimes different there are great similarities between the snap deal and Benzais cop. While the Benzais cop involves stealing the dealt card into tenkai palm, the snap deal effectively involves dealing cards into lateral palm. Since the snap deal is a prided creation of Lennart Green and a brilliant technique I'll not describe the exact method here. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of "Green Magic

Volume 6" which includes a thorough description plus many applications of the technique as well as others.

Like the Benzais Cop, the technique essentially involves taking the card in the upper left corner. Naturally, any methods I described earlier involving a take from the upper left corner, such as the Count's grip, pose no problem. However, for some other grips such as that found in strike bottoms method one variation one, it is possible to adapt the standard procedure in such a manner that you reach to the left and perform the take on the upper left corner rather than the upper right. (See figure 646.)

Figure 646.

Naturally, you may also perform virtually all push-off deals by reaching to the left and performing the take in the upper left corner rather than the upper right, though caution must be exercised depending on what other false deals you intend to perform from this same grip.

Now while I'll not describe the snap deal itself, which involves numerous subtleties and nuances, I'll give you a brief description of lateral palm since it is very useful. Lateral palm is the creation of Sterenko (I apologize if the spelling is incorrect), though from what I understand Lennart Green developed it independently at a later date. While it exists in many variations, it involves holding the card between the middle finger in the upper left corner and the center of the hand. The card is held flat much as you would hold a card in tenkai palm, but with the middle finger instead of the thumb. (See figure 647.)

Figure 647.

The advantage is that the angles are better and the hand position is more natural than with tenkai palm. Lateral palm is particularly well suited for table work and offers many flexible possibilities. Again, Lennart Green describes the palm and its uses in detail on "Green Magic Volume 1". It is also possible to switch quickly between lateral palm and tenkai palm as necessary simply by changing which finger holds the card.

I caution you not to simply deal cards into lateral palm, the snap action outlined by Lennart Green is important in making the sleight convincing. He also offers numerous other convincing tips regarding finger position and movement, sound however is key. You'll often find that sound in one form or another is helpful to your performances as it creates a psychological effect not found in silent techniques.

Now in regards to snap dealing from the Count's grip, while the take is fine, there are a few adaptations that are important to consistent and elegant handling. First, the whip like action of the wrist is altered in such a manner that the take is more controlled and involves a constantly curled hand. (See figure 648, figure 649 and figure 650.)

Figure 648.

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