Practicing False Deals

When you practice false deals, I recommend you go through a certain process. First, start with the tops, deal them slowly and become intimately familiar with them, also, deal them in front of a mirror so you have some idea what they look like to others, if possible, recording yourself is also a nice idea.

Next, practice the false deal exclusively and do so very slowly, make sure you get the actions perfect and make sure they are precisely the same as those of a top deal. If they aren't, then fix the problem and start over, then deal literally thousands of cards slowly building muscle memory. Once your body has memorized the actions you'll naturally find you're able to speed up while maintaining the same precision, but if you attempt to perform the deal quickly to begin with, you'll lose precision and that is not desirable.

Once you've mastered the deal slowly, add a bit of speed until the point where the deal becomes deceptive, hopefully, invisible. Then, practice dealing round of poker around a table, maybe dealing false deals exclusively at first in order to get a feel for tossing the cards to others, then perform it like you would in a real game, mixing false deals with tops. Do so in patterns for example, bottom deal to the third and fifth player, then try mixing it up so the pattern is somewhat more random, maybe cycling which players you bottom deal too, then mix it up more dealing randomly, make sure it's fluid.

If you master that, move on to not simply alternating false deals and tops, but alternating different false deals as well. For example, you might deal second, second, top, bottom, Greek, center, top, center, bottom, Greek. Once you've reached that point you're good to go.

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