Dealing is the process by which one distributes the cards from the deck to the various players in a game. False dealing is the process of altering the general dealing pattern in order to obtain a favorable for a particular player while making it seem as though you are dealing fairly.

My cautions to you in this particular section of the book must be similar to those in past sections, that is to say, I have received very little instruction in the subject of false dealing. After working with the concept considerably on my own I did watch the Ed Marlo DVDs "The Cardician" and "Legend". I own a copy of Seconds, Centers & Bottoms (available in "Revolutionary Card Technique" for those interested), but I have avoided reading it in order to put forward my own views on the subject into this manuscript rather than those of Mr. Marlo. Finally, I have read Guy Hollingworth's thoughts on the subject as outlined in his book "Drawing Room Deceptions", though I will attempt as best I can to leave his thoughts to him so as not to infringe on the creativity of others. Creativity is for me of great importance and I attempt in most cases particularly of late, to develop my own ideas rather than learn the ideas of others. On the other hand, I do not wish to compromise the educational experience of you, my readers and thus while I attempt to protect the creativity of those whose ideas I exposed myself to, I will attempt also to convey a clear and effective portrait of the subject matter to you all.

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