One Handed Tops

We now move on to the subject of dealing cards one-handed. I have to admit, doing so seems horribly impractical and more a process for showing off than anything else. Generally, you don't want to deal cards one-handed, though it may be slightly more convincing in theory than dealing with two hands is not nearly as clean or undetectable. It is however of interest and perhaps a matter of pride, not to mention enjoyment, particularly if it is merely done to look good. Since I will be describing numerous methods of false dealing one-handed I will offer you a few of the methods one might employ for legitimately dealing one handed.

Bullet dealing was, from what I have heard, developed by Paul LePaul and is a simple flourish, but nevertheless an effective dealing method and a rather attractive one. You begin by holding the deck in a modified mechanics grip with the forefinger curled under the deck and the pinky at the bottom end. (See figure 337.)

Figure 337.

The thumb will reach to the front end up of the cards and apply pressure buckling the card back towards the pinky and then releasing it, causing it to spring forward. One must be careful not to hold the card too long in the buckled position, but rather release immediately so that the card retains its spring. Some people have difficulty getting the card to release properly; I have found personally that this is due to the portion of the thumb that is used to buckle the card. Rather than using the thumb tip, which makes the release difficult, I find it is easier to use the portion of the thumb around the top of the joint allowing for a clean and easy release. (See figure 338.)

Figure 338.

Many people find this to be a nice one-handed flourish, though it is not my favorite and I don't use it often, it is still a somewhat attractive method of dealing at a card table.

Spin dealing is my favorite type of one-handed dealing by far and I think the best method in most cases of doing one-handed false deals. To the best of my knowledge I am the only person who uses it but that is probably an absurd claim due to the simplicity of the process, others must use it. It is however something I have refined on my own and it is I who gave it the name spin dealing, because the card spins (very dull I know, I'll have to correct that in future techniques), so if someone else uses it and has given it another name I apologize for not crediting them. The idea comes from a technique I learned from Oliver Macia in his "Control Freak" DVD and involves shooting a card out of the center of the deck.

You begin with the deck in mechanics grip by performing a push-off, pivoting on the base of the thumb. As the card comes off the deck, the left middle finger moves between the top edge of the card and the edge of the deck providing a new pivot point. (See figure 339.)

Figure 339.

Underneath the card, the left ring finger applies an upward and forward force on the card causing it to swing out pivoting around the middle finger. (See figure 340 & figure 341.)

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