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The document you are now perusing and I sincerely hope you shall carefully study was not originally one of three. Rather, all three manuscripts were written as a single book. Though I explain the point briefly later on in the work, I shall simply inform you that in my view the subject matter is related. Shuffling techniques become relevant in culling and stacking procedures and though dealing is perhaps less related, it is nevertheless a subject of study in due course. For example, one might cull several cards to the bottom of the deck and then bottom deal them off at an opportune moment. Applications are endless, and I shall attempt to address the issue at a later time in a later work.

Of greatest relevance to you, oh passionate student of the art is that concepts build upon one another in many cases. For example, I fail to teach the subtleties of the move described in part one as the undercut in part two where it is employed; or the process of a faro for that matter. Thus, reference to earlier sections is frequently useful. I do apologize for this inconvenience, it was incidental rather than intentional on my part, since it seems the world of magic functions somewhat differently from what I expected. It seems the investment of time in large projects is too great when measured against the returns. And so, though it saddens me, it brings us to the present.

I have for obvious reasons not completely re-written the work in order to avoid references past and present.. .I suppose it is not uncommon for books on the given material to assume prior knowledge anyway. I would however, highly recommend you consult the subtleties I list in the related sections as they do offer a certain relevance. Later I shall attempt to bridge the gaps to a somewhat greater degree and offer you some additional material. In the mean time, I have seen fit to include both the introductory and concluding elements of the whole into each of the three parts so those who choose only to read one might not find themselves disadvantaged on the context of the material in question.

You may find some of these comments fit best with a particular part of the total volume; this is due to the fact that they were written for a particular position within the work and have now been transcribed for your convenience. Also worth mentioning is the lengthy publishing process. Roughly two years have elapsed now since some of the material was written, at least a year in all cases and sometimes much more since the hasty scribbling of notes. It is therefore a good foundation point, but an incomplete analysis, a flaw I shall correct within the near future.

Finally, I would like to offer my thanks to Aaron Smith for his support and guidance in the project.

I trust you shall all venture forth to offer a flawless account of yourself and your technique, where problems arise; the forums are continually a good place to start as I shall personally assist you there. Best of luck then, and without ado, let's get started.

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